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At HHG and through our business incubators we have seen many entrepreneurs and business come and go. We have seen people both succeed and quit. We have seen and worked with companies goring through clicks, sweat and tears to success or to another learning experience. One thing that was common for all of them were the steps and stops on the journey from an idea to a profitable business. They all had to check the same boxes. We offer to work with you, check the boxes, think outside of the boxes and help you make your business a success or help you avoid a costly mistake of starting a business which has fundamental flaws which you may have missed in development.

Let’s look together at steps we could make together to be more certain of successful venture.

Concept assessment

The first step is to assess the business ideas you are developing. Try to explain the business or the proposal in 30 seconds. What problem does the business or the idea solve? What or who is your target market? How does it make money? Let’s sit together and ask the right questions and engage in discussion. Look at this as sparring with a potential partner, client, co-fonder, stakeholder or investor.

There are three outcomes of this stage:

  1. Let’s go further with this one
  2. Let’s see what we can change to make this even better
  3. There’s more thinking to be done on this one

Depending on the outcome there are different steps we can take but you will certainly need all of the following boxes checked, all part of the BizDev package.


A fully functional website, fit for use of the target group of clients for your business and optimized to be reached by key stakeholders. During web development we work with you to suggest and give guidance on achieving maximum results.

The website can be developed and designed with contents provided by you – or we can work with you and your team to develop content as well.

Fund raising package

Here we provide a full package you will need to be ready when you showcase your business or project to investor. A pitch deck you can use to target investors, coupled with financial model projections and adjustable business strategy is what could make you more comfortable in securing financing for your venture.

Surely, we plan to promote you and your concepts as well with the materials we develop for you.

Proof of Concept

We can also arm you with demo products, promo videos, mock ups of the solutions you are developing or (depending on your budget) even first operational versions of the solution you are brining to the market.

Our team of 60 dedicated, experienced, versatile technical staff can execute any project you can explain and define with sufficient detail. Also you can count on our execution to be head and shoulders above the price range you can get elsewhere and that’s guaranteed.

From this stage, you have even more materials to convince the investors to fund your project or business.

Stakeholder Management

We continue working with you to support you in managing relations with stakeholders, investors, vendors or other business partners. We also promote you, your business and venture through our events, platforms and throughout our extensive international network.

We are at your side advising and helping you close the first, second or whatever subsequent deal or investment round you decide you need us. Bottom line, having invested in over 25 business in last two years alone – we could well be your first investors!

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