Helvetia Holdings Group, LLC is a company striving to offer a consultancy service that is personable yet professional, and delivered by a passionate and experienced team. We are a Swiss-based group with our main headquarters in LA and are now extending to other countries.Currently our main direction is Hotel and Land development Projects.

Our motto is: “There are no wrong ideas, just wrong investors.

We are experts in the investor-project owner matching system that we have developed through years of involvement with investment and development Industries. HHG provides the knowledge for effective portfolios, programs, and project management at all stages of a project life cycle in all fields of the industry. We are very selective in choosing projects and our portfolio is constantly growing.

We want to be trusted advisors to our clients and the teams with whom we work, in order to enhance the value in everything that we do.

We are completely focused on building long-term relationships with our clients and industry partners to maximize the benefits for all.