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Our newest project is a boutique hotel boasting 7 floors and 45 rooms (4,240 sq. meters/45,630 sq. feet). The hotel will be located 200 meters from the beach in the center of Sutomore, Montenegro.Sites for shops ,restaurant, spa as well as sports facility and a pool is planned. It is an $8.5M (USD) development in the middle phase of construction and should open in April 2016.


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The building is placed loose in the centre of the urban plot and drawn back additional 6m from the construction line of Street 18 in order to get more free space on the ground floor level which would be used as a plateau for the hospitality service and retail space/shops on the ground floor. The building is positioned in such a way that apartments get more isolation and open views toward the sea.


The ground floor is functionally divided into two parts: one part for the catering services – restaurant and retails space – shops, and the other part of the hotel with the reception desk and hotel administration, communication, sanitary facilities and hotel restaurant.

Hotel entrance is located on the North-West facade and the access is provided through the access car and pedestrian path along the facade of the building and North-West border of the plot. Access to the economic and technical part is provided through the same car and pedestrian way or through the garage space on the building’s underground level.

Access to the underground garage is designed for the South-East part of the plot for functional reasons, because it is the lowest point of the terrain, which was utilized for obtaining a shorter ramp with a flatter slope.



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The underground level is divided into two functional parts. Garage part with 15 parking spaces and technical and auxiliary facilities of the hotel at the elevation of -3.50 (+8.60) and multifunctional space part which is planned as additional content for the hotel at the elevation of -4.50 (+7.60). Part of the space intended for the additional content within the main function of the hotel also contains a SPA and a wellness centre.

Above ground levels of the hotel, floors 1 to 4, are designed as standard hotel floors with 7 suites per level. The designed structure of the suites is: one (1) studio, five (5) one bedroom suites, and one (1) two bedroom suite.

The 5th floor has larger suites. The structure of the 5th floor suites: two (2) one bedroom suites and two (2) two bedroom suites. The 5th floor also has a green roof with humus of 60 cm thickness.

The 6th floor is designed with luxury suites of larger sizes. The structure of the 6th floor: two (2) two bedroom suites and one (1) three bedroom suites.

The building’s roof is designed as a flat impassable roof. Access to the roof is provided via vertical communication – the stairs. The roof is foreseen to have a solar panel system for the production of hot sanitary water.

Communications are centrally located in the building for functional and constructive reasons.

Number of floors in the building: underground level + ground floor + 6.

Foreseen floor heights (floor to ceiling) are as follows: for the garage 350-450 cm, for the ground floor 550 cm, and for the floors 340 cm (1-1.5 floors), and 350 cm for the 6th floor.



Modern and traditional elements of architecture were used in the design, with special use of eco friendly and natural materials characteristic of the local Mediterranean architecture.

The final finishes on the facade were executed according to the volume of the building. The front part of the building, facing the Street 18, will be covered with stone plates and the building’ facade facing the highway will have a Demit facade.

Cornice of the building was designed as a reinforced concrete pergola on the southeast facade, while the southwest facade above the terraces is designed as a wooden pergola.



  • Garage floor is a cement screed, with a final coat of epoxy.
  • Technical space in the garage is surfaced with ceramic tiles with waterproofing in the rooms with plumbing.
  • All halls and stairways (except on the ground floor) are covered with granite ceramics.
  • Main hallways on the ground floor and retail shops have stone slabs for flooring.
  • Floors in suites, depending on the purpose of the room, are made of decking or granite ceramics. Installation of hard mineral wool is foreseen of d=2cm as soundproofing.
  • Floors of loggias and balconies in the suites are made of granite ceramics.


  • Suspended ceilings made of drywall panels on the appropriate substructure, then smoothed and painted are foreseen in the shops and restaurants.
  • Bathrooms have suspended aluminium ribbon ceilings.
  • Coloured ceilings are in the garage, technical and auxiliary rooms

External doors and windows are made of an aluminium and wood combination in line with the colour and finishing of the facade. Exits to loggias and balconies will be sliding balcony doors.

For stair, loggia and roof terrace railings, materials will be in line with other facade elements.

Internal doors and window in suites – MDF doors with wooden moulding coloured in appropriate tone. Entrance door – safety door with a veneered MDF.