Beautiful place with 2km long sandy beach

Sutomore is situated in the municipality of Bar on the Adriatic coast of Montenegro. This tourist centre on the Mediterranean is well connected by roads and railway with other cities in Montenegro, which is why during the summer tourist season it is the most popular spot for the summer vacation. The beaches in Sutomore are magnificently organised and they spread over a 2 km distance. There are two types of accommodation in Sutomore – private accommodation, which includes apartments, rooms, private villas, houses for rent, and hotel accommodation.

 Position of Sutomore

Position of Sutomore

The Nightlife

The nightlife in Sutomore is outstanding and is organised to meet the needs of all ages, starting from the youngest ones (daily shows for the kids), family night outs in restaurants with live music, and finally excellent nightclubs for teenagers that open in the late evening hours. The promenade has many bars with live music, which are located on terraces next to the beach. The terraces are protected from sea waves by a stone wall, so one can sit there and watch the sunset and enjoy a romantic dinner in one of the many high-quality restaurants.

Sutomore beach is the largest beach in Sutomore and length is 1250 meters, wide between 30 and 40 meters. The beach is sandy with sand that is slightly larger in the northwestern part of the beach while small fine sand golden-yellow color on the other end of the beach. From our house is 2.1 kilometers away. Gold Coast beach is 850 meters long and is located in extension of Sutomore beach. Just along the beach throughout the length of coastline stretches along the beautiful promenade are numerous cafes, restaurants, discos, boutiques..