Why invest in Greece

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Greece has suffered from the recent European Economy crisis and now comes out stronger. The Greek government budget left behind the deficits and returned to surplus.

Last year Greece has broken the tourist record: 21 million visitors from around the world have visited Greece during the summer season. Twice it’s population.

Greek property prices have been dramatically reduced the last years because of the crisis, for up to 30- 40%. Now is possible to buy your dream house in one of the beautiful Greek destinations. The investment in Greek property is safer than ever as the prices can only go up.

A country with 6.000 islands, amazing beaches, great climate, known for it’s hospitality and among the best countries to live in Europe. With great educational system, universities among the best in Europe, great health sector and doctors with great expertise, with long summer season and combination of sea and mountain beauties, with great history and famous culture, Greece has it all. It is the ideal place to live and invest.

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10 + 1 reasons to invest in Greece

  1. Greece is one of the most beautiful European countries with great history and world known for it’s hospitality.
  2. Greek Islands are awarded every year among the best travel destinations in the world. Santorini has been awarded as the No1 Global Travel destination and the most beautiful island in the world many years in a row from BBC. Lonely Planet, USA Today and more. Mykonos, Crete, Athens, Thessaloniki are among the top European destinations.
  3. Greece offers the cheapest EU Visa Residency among all other European countries. Purchasing a property of 250.000 euro , you and your family members (children till the age of 21) become European citizens for 5 years. Renewable for ever.
  4. Greece last year broke every record in tourism. 21 million international visitors visited Greece during the summer season. Twice it’s population! People from all around the world vote Greece as the ideal place to live.
  5. Because of the recent economy crisis of the Euro-zone, Greek properties have dropped 30-40% since 2009. Now the dream having a house in Greece is possible. Ability to chooses among:Second hand houses from 50-60.000 euro, new apartments from 120.000 euro and luxury houses in the islands from 300.000 euro.
  6. Now is the time to buy in Greece. Now that the crisis is over, and the prices will only go up. Invest now in a house in Greece and make the safest investment possible.
  7. Buy a luxury house in Crete, Mykonos, Santorini, Halkidiki and rent it out to tourists. This way you will get EU Visa resident permit for you and your family but also you will make a profitable investment. Luxury houses in these areas can be rented out to tourists during the 4-5 months in the summer for 300- 600 euro per night!
  8. Greece is an established tourism destination, among the 20 biggest tourism markets in the world
  9. Greece has unique, competitive advantages emerging from landscape, location, climate, history and culture
  10. Greece is moving toward an extension of seasonality, providing a huge potential for an increase in tourist visits


The cheapest EU VISA Residence program in European Union:

In April 2013 the Greek parliament passed legislation to offer residency to non European Union purchasers of properties over €250,000 (about $323,000). The new law offers a five year buyer’s residency as well as the chance of obtaining a Schengen visa that can enable the holders and their families (spouses and children under the age of 21) to freely travel in the Schengen area of 25 European countries . The residency can be renewed after the initial five year period. Now the prospects for the non European Union house hunters to find a bargain in the Greek “buyer’s” real estate market seem even more promising.




What Entrepreneurs Around the World Say about Greece

We are delighted to bring our Starwood brands to Greece, a premiere location and a vital European destination

Roeland Vos
Starwood Hotels & Resorts

Why did I invest in Greece, because I love Greece, it will be the most important market for golf tourism in the Mediterranean area in the next 10 years. Our project includes two 18 hole golf courses, a 5 star luxury hotel, bungalows, a conference centre, health spa and marina

Johann P. Bachmann

For tourism, quite frankly, Greece has everything. The Greek people are the most hospitable in Europe, the food is great, and Crete has the longest European summer. And because Greece is the foundation of Western Civilization, we are innately tied to its culture.


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